Theresa Davis Housefire

Ms. Theresa Davis is a disabled woman in Wartburg TN, who has given so much to the people.  She served in the U.S. Navy for eight years.  She has helped many people in her area by giving them rides, food, and even welcomed many homeless into her home until they have been able to stand on their own feet.  Her reward for these good deeds came on August 8th 2010, when someone committed arson and destroyed her home that she had recently been able to pay off.  What makes this worse is that due to her very low, fixed income, she had not been able to afford Homeowners Insurance.  Due to this tragic event, her family has had to be separated so they could all have a place to stay.  Her step-daughter, two grandchildren, and one on the way due in October have had to move an hour away. 

I’ve set up this blog because I was one of those people she helped.  I had only known her two weeks when my husband and I were in a situation without a place to stay, she gladly opened her home to us with no questions asked.  Now I’m trying to do the same for her.  If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  I’m adding a PayPal Donation button, so every little bit helps.  I will add pictures soon, so everyone can see the devastation this woman has endured.

We are planning a benefit singing, so when the details are arranged, I will post them here and hope that everyone can spread the word and help this woman that has helped so many. 


One Response to “Theresa Davis Housefire”

  1. dianae jones Says:

    hey just cause i am an hour way dont mean i dont keep in touch or stay up todate i am thinging of ya and love ya all

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