More Information

I wanted to post further information regarding the situation with the house, as a few people have inquired about the validity of our request. On August 8th, 2010, someone took it upon themselves to ruin a family. Ms. Theresa Davis, residing at 502 Bob Armes Circle in Wartburg, TN was informed that her house had been burned intentionally. There have not been any arrests made as there were no witnesses. The family has been told that since there were no deaths related to the fire, and that it was not a business, the states Arson Task Force will not step in to do an investigation. Detective Larry Lawson of the Morgan County Sherrifs Department is the investigator in charge of the case.
We are currently waiting for a hard copy of the police report. The family was told it would be 10 days before one could be made available to us. Once a hard copy of the police report is available, I will scan it and attach it to the website. I will also take pictures of the damage and post them as well. Until then, people are able to contact the Morgan County Sherrifs Department or Fire Department to verify that, yes, 502 Bob Armes Circle was burned due to Arson
We understand that money is hard to come by these days, and understand the hesitancy when it comes to donating money to people you don’t know. This family is trying to get enough together to either rebuild their home or put a down payment on a double wide to put on the lot so they can bring their family back together. Building materials would also be appreciated. When they have a home to put them in, furniture, kitchen supplies and clothing would also be appreciated.
Every little bit helps, and I’m praying that word gets around to get these people that have helped so many get the help and home they deserve.
I will answer any other questions the best I can and hope to keep this updated with more information as it comes in.
Thank you for your patience.


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